Magpie General Information


Because of the limited number of Magpie trips we run, our Magpie trips generally fill up and it is often difficult to fill a spot that is left vacant by a cancellation, especially at the last minute. If there is any chance you may have to cancel your trip, you must purchase travel insurance for your protection. Insurance will cover every aspect of your trip including: your deposit, lost baggage and unforeseeable medical emergencies and evacuation. Please contact our office if you have any questions concerning trip insurance.


People generally arrive in Sept Isle at different times by either air or car. If you are driving please contact our office for driving times and ferry information. Sept Isle has a small airport and a 15 minute taxi ride will take you to the Hotel Chateau Arnaud Hotel for $20 Canadian. If you're arriving the day before (which is always a good idea) you should make a reservation to stay at the  Château Arnaud: 403 Avenue Arnaud, Sept-Îles, QC G4R 3A7, Canada Phone: (855) 960-5511


Unless you’ve requested a single supplement ($80), you will be sharing a hotel room at the trip’s conclusion with a roommate of the same sex. Individual travelers do not need to share a tent on the river. If by chance you end up in a single room, due to odd numbers, you will not be charged any additional money. Note: If you would like a single room, it will cost an additional $80 and must be requested and paid for before you leave the U.S.


We will meet in the lobby of the Chateau Arnaud Hotel at 11:00 A.M. on day one (either Saturday or Sunday depending upon the departure). 

Château Arnaud Address: 403 Avenue Arnaud, Sept-Îles, QC G4R 3A7, Canada Phone: (855) 960-5511


Paddling in whitewater rafts and kayaks is somewhat demanding and participants should be in good physical condition. If you are not currently in good condition, you should become involved in an exercise program prior to the expedition. Safety aside, being fit will improve the quality of your experience.


Because the river builds in intensity with the most challenging rapids coming towards the end of the trip this is the perfect river for a first time rafter as well as a seasoned one. It is also one of the best beginner/intermediate inflatable kaying rivers in the world.


You will need a current passport for traveling into Canada by air. You should have a passport even if you're driving up,


Airfare from the US to Sept Isle, Quebec is not included in the trip price and must be arranged independently or through your travel agent. You will need to arrive in the morning at the trip’s start and can fly out anytime on the final day.

*Note: (The charter float plane into lake Magpie at the trip’s start is included.)


From the time we meet you in the lobby of the Chateau Arnaud Hotel on day one, until you arrive back at the hotel on day nine, all expenses (except trip DVD) including group meals, lodging and transportation are included in the trip price.

NOTE: Breakfast the final morning is not included. Any costs incurred on side excursions before or after the expedition are not included.


Earth River provides tents, food and a rafting gear for the trip. For a list of all additional gear you will need to bring for the expedition please see the gear list.


Generally, $350 will be adequate for airport transfers and guide tips. If you are planning a side excursion you will want to bring considerably more.


Gratuities for drivers, waiters, etc. are included in the trip price. Gratuities for the guides are not included. If you think the guides have done an outstanding job, 10 percent (approx. $330) of the expedition cost per person is considered a nice tip. Usually a member of the group will collect the tip and hand it to the trip leader (head guide) who will distribute it evenly among the guides.


During the river portion of the expedition participants will be sleeping in tents on beaches, in the woods or on smooth rock shelves. One night will be spent at the Hotel Chateau Arnaud Hotel at the trip’s conclusion.


You will be given a water proof river bag at the start of the trip for the river portion of the expedition. Because space and weight are limited on the float plane and rafts you will be allowed one bag, which cannot weigh over 22 pounds. In this bag you will need to fit your sleeping bag. You sleeping pad will be loaded into a separate community waterproof bag. Remember to please pack only what’s on the enclosed list and what will fit into the bag Earth River provides.

Note: Any extra clothing and gear can be safely stored at the Chateau Arnaud until the trip’s conclusion.


The Magpie is in Northeastern Quebec and although August is a mild month, the weather can vary from sunny in the low-eighties, to rainy in the sixties and even upper fifties. The nights are generally in the low fifties but can go into the high thirties. You will definitely get wet from running the rapids or possibly rain and although the river water is a relatively warm 68 degrees, all participants must have adequate paddle gear. You do not need a wet suit on the river.


There are no required shots or health precautions that you need to take when traveling in Canada with the exception of a current tetanus booster, which is a good idea for any international travel.


We carry a satellite phone and a helicopter can get someone to a modern hospital within two hours from anywhere on the river.


In case there is an emergency at home while you are away the following phone number should be given to a relative or friend: 845-626-2165 or 845-626-4361. The person should ask for Troy. In most cases they will be able to get important information to you when the guide checks in each day. Remember, these numbers should only be used in case of an emergency.

“Earth River runs the only continuous, top to bottom, multi-camp, wilderness expedition on the Futaleufu. A week without roads, electricity or cell phones.”
“I’ve been on nearly all the commercially run rivers in the world and Earth River and the Futaleufu stand out as the very best of the best.”—Fred Wiedemann, Co-founder
"Earth River is the premier river runner in the world. Their staff includes the finest guides to be found."
“Earth River’s conservation effort on the Futaleufu is Herculean and represents the single largest river land trust endeavor ever initiated by a commercial outfitter."—Ronald Dodson, Pres."
"I want to personally thank Earth River for helping us stop the hydro-electric projects on our land preventing the destruction of one of North America's last great wildernesses.
“Earth River’s Futaleufu trip is an astonishment. The amazing camps, all different from one another, but all surprisingly and ingeniously comfortable”—David Rakoff
"I want to personally thank Earth River for helping us stop the hydro-electric projects on our land preventing the destruction of one of North America's last great wildernesses.
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