Futaleufu Gear and clothing list BC

Please make sure you bring the following things. The bold faced items are mandatory especially the layers of synthetic clothing and paddle jacket. If you have any questions call our office. If you don’t already have a local supplier for purchasing your river gear, we recommend Northwest River Supplies. You can call them at 1-800-635-5202. Remember, don't purchase anything that is not on the following list. You can also find these items at www.nrsweb.com . 

[ ] *sleeping bag liner (rectangular)

[ ]  pillow case (cotton)

[ ] *waterproof paddle jacket (mens #25811) (womans #25802)

[ ] 3 quick drying synthetic shirts (also known as Synchilla, fleece, pile, polypro or Capilene. ) (1 Wave light #2551) & 2 expedition weight long sleeve shirts

[ ] *river shoes (important)

[ ] baseball type cap to fit under a helmet

[ ] water bottle with locking carabineer attachment for clipping into boat. Note: Carbineer must lock so that if a boat flips there is no way to get hooked on the carabineer. Do not bring non-locking carabineers.

[ ] lightweight hiking boots/shoes

[ ] *sun glasses with neck strap

[ ] headlamp (flashlight) with batteries 

[ ] good quality rain jacket with hood (Paddle jacket will suffice)

[ ] 1 synthetic pants (Synchilla, fleece, pile or polypro) to be worn hiking around camp or up to the

Tree house Camp)

[ ] 4 pairs of underpants

[ ] 3 socks (2 pair synthetic quick drying)

[ ] 2 additional pairs of cotton socks

[ ] medium weight jacket

[ ] 2 short sleeved shirts

[ ] long pants

[ ] 2 shorts (synthetic and quick drying)

[ ] long sleeved shirt (light colored to reflect sun)

[ ] long sleeved shirt

[ ] bathing suit

[ ] toilet kit

[ ] *soap (only Dr. Bronners can be used in the river)

[ ] small quick drying towel

[ ] sunscreen (strong)


      *  *Sleeping bag liner: The sleeping bags (supplied at each camp) which you will be using are roomy and rectangular so the liner should also be rectangular and not a mummy shape. Liners come in
          many different materials  including cotton, flannel, fleece and silk. Liners can cost from $16 to $35.

          *Headlamp (flash light): A good headlamp is a valuable tool for any river trip because it keeps your hands free. It is especially helpful for evening visits to the incredible stone hot tub at the  
          Cave Camp. Princeton Tech makes an excellent, lightweight, inexpensive ($30) LCD light that will last 80 hours on one set of batteries called the Aurora #2777.            

  • *River shoes: River shoes should stick to wet rocks (especially for canyoning at the Mapu Leufu Camp) , not come off in a strong current and should protect your toes. The water on the river is not that cold (60 degrees) so you do not need wetsuit booties unless you’re feet easily get cold. River sandals are fine around camp but are not suitable river shoes because they do not protect your feet and are difficult to swim in if you unexpectedly end up in the water. We are strongly recommending the Five-Ten “water tennie” model shoes ($90). They will work well on the rafts and most importantly for the canyoning up the Rio Blanco slot canyon where without them the wet slippery rocks can be dangerous. The Water Tennie has a patented stealth bottom sole and are the only shoe that will stick to wet rocks, period! They are also an excellent shoe that you will find multiple uses for when you return back home. Five-ten is the only company that uses “Stealth” soles which are designed to stick to wet rocks. There is no other water shoes on the market that stick nearly as well to wet rocks. You can find a store that sells them by going to www.fiveten.com . If you can not find a store that handles them they can be purchased directly from the company by going to their website. Note: If you are planning on canyoneering through the Rio Blanco Slot Canyon, it is imperative that you wear Five Ten shoes with “Stealth” soles. Without them you are risking slipping and injury.

  • *Paddle jacket: It is mandatory to have a waterproof paddle jacket on the river. This will keep you warm and relatively dry and is worn over your synthetic shirts, which are worn over the sleeveless farmer John wetsuits that Earth River supplies. 

  • *Rain jacket: A good paddle jacket will not adequately substitute for a rain jacket because they often don’t breath and do not have a hood. Therefore, you may want to bring a rain jacket in case it rains. Ponchos are clumsy and are not adequate.

  • *Paddle pants: It is important to have high quality paddle pants or rain pants so that when you are hiking or riding horses the water does not run down your paddle jacket or rain jacket and soak your pants. You will be wearing an ankle length wet suit on the river so the dry pants will only be used for hiking and riding. Waterproof paddle pants can be purchased at Northwest River Supplies and will protect the lower half of your body. Rain pants are more than adequate.

  • *Soap and Shampoo: Because you will be washing primarily in showers (5 out of 6 night on the river) any soap or shampoo are fine. If you plan on bathing in the river you may only use Dr. Bronner's natural soap which can be purchased at health food stores. It is made from natural ingredients and does not pollute. Note: You will be limited to 45 pounds for the expedition.



sleeping bag, thick 3 inch sleeping pad, pillow


self-bailing raft

Satellite phone first aid kit, horses, hot tubs (every night), flush toilets, wetsuit (Although the

water is relatively warm (60 degrees), (wetsuits are mandatory for all participants.)

Masseuse (most trips) (optional separate charge) Videographer (most trips) (optional separate charge)



[ ] rain pants.

[ ] quick drying synthetic pants 

[ ] personal medication

[ ] sandals

[ ] breakdown fishing pole

[ ] camera, film, and soft waterproof case (no metal ammo cans)

[ ] binoculars

[ ] book

[ ] journal and pen

[ ] lightweight bicycle gloves (for paddling)

[ ] pocketknife

[ ] tampons, lip protection, other personal needs

[ ] small pocket size Spanish/English dictionary


Each season a few people (approx. 2 %) end up in Chile without their belongings. By the time they receive them from the air carrier, often the trip is nearly over. Because this is a real possibility we highly recommend the following steps to protect yourself. Pack all necessary river gear (fleece, paddle jacket, river shoes, hat, sun glasses, bathing suit, etc.) into the largest legal carry on bag you can find and don’t check it. Pack everything else in a regular suitcase. This way if you become separated from you checked bag you will have the most important things for the river as well as the clothes on your back for camp. A couple of year we started recommending this packing plan to our clients. Since then we have averaged about 6 people a season who arrived without their checked bags. In each case they had packed their river gear in carryons and all were able to complete the trip with little discomfort.

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