Nights (1):1 (Tues.)

Type: Wilderness/Remote lakeside & old growth forest

Arrival Time: Tues. 1:00 PM

Access: A dramatic Tyrolean river crossing over class 6 Zeta Rapid, followed by a gorgeous 3 mile trail, connects the Tree House Camp to the Cave Camp.

Area: 250 acres.

Brief Description: A primeval wonderland tucked into a fold in the Futaleufu Canyon, with thousand foot walls, impressive waterfalls and an intimate, miniature lake shrouded in a vast expanse of ancient, Coyue trees. Perched high in the trees, overlooking the lake and snow-capped mountains are 8 hand-hewn tree houses for sleeping.

"There was also a great variety to the week, the camps all different from one another, but all surprisingly and ingeniously comfortable-from the arcadian, lost-boys hideaway of Cave Camp to the truly fantastical dwellings up in the canopy of the forest of the Tree House Camp - the food was great."

- David Rakoff, Outside Magazine


Tree House Camp Trail: Hand constructed 3 mile trail with wooden sky bridges and steps that connects Cave Camp to Tree House Camp. At times cut into the side of the canyon, dramatic river vistas await around every corner.

Condor Falls: Observed from the Treehouse Camp trail, a 100 foot waterfall spilling from Lake of the Frogs.

Lake of the Frogs: 10 acre, 70 foot deep spring-fed swimming and kayaking lake. This intimate body of water is cloaked in an old growth hardwood forest on three sides with snow-capped mountains on the fourth. Cut by the glacier, in a wind-free natural bowl, the glass smooth water reflects the trees and mountains while never missing a sunrise or sunset. At dusk each evening, when the final rays of color fade from the lake, almost on cue, a chorus of frogs welcomes in the night.

Tree Houses: 8 hand-hewn tree houses, perched 50 feet up in the old growth giants, Each tree house has a commanding view of the lake and surrounding snow-capped peaks. The houses were hand crafted by a Chilean master carpenter and no nails were placed in the trees.

Lakeside hot tub: 16 person hand-hewn hot tub and large deck for dining, with lake and mountain views.

Ancient Forest: Hundreds of acres of old growth hardwood forest with trees as old as 500 years and up to eight feet in diameter.

Condor Mountain Overlook: A towering bluff overlooking the Futaleufu Canyon, Cave Camp and Zeta Rapid 2,800 feet below in one direction and Lake of the Frogs and the Sierra Nevada Mountains in the other.


Hiking: Gorgeous 3 mile hike to Tree House Camp. An additional mile hike to the the canyon rim on top of Condor Mountain affords 360 degree views of snow-capped peaks, lakes and often condors soaring in the Canyon’s thermals.

Swimming: Sensational swimming in 70 degree Lake of the Frogs with a wonderful transition from the 70 degree lake to the 105 degree hot tub.

Kayaking: Flat water kayaking on Lake of the Frogs

Tyrollean River Crossing: Used to cross river to access Tree House Camp but actually located at Cave Camp (See Cave Camp Activities).

"Only Earth River offers multii-day/multi-camp expeditions that involve wooden hot-tubs, five star meals and a night spent high above the forest floor in hand crafted tree houses."

- Ryan Krough, Outside Magazine

“Eric Hertz has devoted his life and his company’s resources to saving some of the world’s last great white-water, wilderness rivers.".
"Earth River is the premier river runner in the world. Their staff includes the finest guides to be found."
“Earth River is more than a great whitewater outfitter. Their contributions have made a real difference in our efforts to preserve some of the world's most beautiful rivers in Chile and Canada."
"I want to personally thank Earth River for helping us stop the hydro-electric projects on our land preventing the destruction of one of North America's last great wildernesses.
“I’ve rafted with Eric Hertz down some tough rivers—the Futaleufu in Chile, the Colca in Peru. He's one of the best in the business—obsessed with safety."
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